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October 6, 2016

The SCLA Support Staff Division hosted their inaugural Safety Fair at the Brentwood Public Library on October 5, 2016. There were presenters from Homeland Security Statewide Resiliency Initiative, School Safety for Schools and Outside Educational Institutions, SCPD Community Policing, Citizen’s Preparedness Corps, LISPAN, and tables hosting volunteer organizations: Suffolk county Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Long Island Cares, SCPD Civilian Academy, Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross, LI Housing Partnership and the Brentwood Bay Shore Breast Cancer Coalition.

anthony-pantaleno-lispan bufsd-school-safety-for-our-schools-and-outside-educational-institutions celia-vollmer-disaster-service-american-red-cross-citizens-preparedness patrick-m-beckley-nys-division-of-homeland-security-and-emergency-services-statewide-resiliency-initiatives patrick-m-beckley-nys-division-of-homeland-security-and-emergency-services-statewide-resiliency-initiatives2 scpd-community-policing-cope-officer-eiffel-ramirez-officer-pete-rivera-and-officer-john-wright scpd-community-policing-cope-officer-pete-rivera-officer-eiffel-ramirez-and-officer-john-wright

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