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Civil Service Contact Information
Suffolk County Civil Service
P.O. Box 6100
Building 158
North County Complex
Hauppauge, NY 11788-0099
Phone: (631) 853-5500
Fax: (631) 853-4796

Information about Support Staff Careers:

Full-time and part-time positions are available in the public library system. Career opportunities can be found in the Business and Administrative offices, in Technical and Computer Services areas, as well as in Circulation, Adult Reference, Children’s and Young Adult departments, Buildings and Grounds, and Security departments.

Business/Accounting and Administrative Assistant positions can be both clerical and managerial in nature. Duties may include such things as processing payroll, preparing tax returns and W-2s; processing accounts payable; reconciling bank statements; managing cash flow and investments; purchasing supplies and equipment; vendor management; obtaining bids; benefits administration; maintaining and/or supervising the maintenance of payroll, personnel, supplies and budgetary records; interviewing, hiring, training and supervising their clerical staff; preparing correspondence and minutes; and preparing departmental budgets, annual reports, statistical and financial reports and other special reports.

Clerical opportunities include positions working in Circulation, Technical and Computer Services, Adult Reference, and Children’s and Young Adult departments, as well as in Business and Administrative offices.

Custodial opportunities are available in most libraries. Often there are opportunities for advancement from Custodian I to II and III, and possibly to Head of Buildings and Grounds.

Security positions are available in most libraries.

Education Requirements:

Most positions require a minimum of a high school diploma (or equivalent). Many other positions require college degrees. Suffolk County library support staff may be eligible for scholarships from SCLA when continuing their education. In addition to educational requirements, many libraries require Civil Service certification. Check with the library in question for its specific requirements.

Some of the Civil Service examinations that may be required include:

Clerical: Administrative Assistant · Library Clerk · Sr. Library Clerk · Principal Library Clerk

Business/Accounting: Business Manager I & II · Account Clerk · Sr. Account Clerk · Principal Account Clerk.

Administrative: Administrative Aide · Library Project Coordinator · Library Assistant

Custodial: Custodian I, II and III · Head of Buildings & Grounds

Below is a partial listing of the titles/positions available for library support staff in Suffolk County with some active links to their descriptions. This information can also be found by directly searching the Suffolk County Civil Service page here.

0901 Administrative Aide C
0901 Administrative Aide NC(PT)
0902 Administrative Assistant C
0902 Administrative Assistant NC(PT)
0913 Business Manager I NC
0913 Business Manager I C
0914 Business Manager II C
0810 Library Assistant C
0810 Library Assistant NC(PT)
0809 Library Assistant (Spanish Speaking) C
6196 Library Attorney E
0802 Library Clerk C
0800 Library Clerk (Spanish Speaking) C
0805 Senior Library Clerk C
0806 Principal Library Clerk C
0828 Library Manager C
0825 Library Project Coordinator C
0282 Library Treasurer E

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